The aim of the stand at this fair was to pay tribute to our members, represented by 35 of its chairmen and chairwomen, as well as to illustrate the size and positioning of our second tier cooperative with a giant map showing the locations of the co-ops that form part of ActelGrup and TransAlfals & La Vispesa.
As each year, the members and the general public were able to view products from our various segments and sample them.
ActelGrup Chairman, Josep Maria Codina; members of the Governing Council and the general manager, Fernando Chocarro, hosted the authorities throughout the four days of the fair, including the Minister for Agriculture, Isabel G. Tejerina; the Regional Minister for Agriculture, Meritxell Serret, and the Mayor of Lleida, Àngel Ros, among others.
This year’s edition of the Sant Miquel Fair had 120,000 attendees, among whom were many members of the 112 co-ops of ActelGrup and TransAlfals & La Vispesa.

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