The event was held with the aim of presenting the new features in contracting agricultural insurance (Agroseguro) for this campaign at the auditorium of the Diputació de Lleida.

The event were attended by Anna Clivillé, head of agricultural insurance broker Central d’Assegurances d’ActelGrup; Xavier Joana, Agroseguro territorial director of Catalonia; Juan Cruzán, head of the area of Agroseguro-Aragón, and Félix Novoa, director of the technical area of Agroseguro.

A new feature of this campaign is reviewing the decreasing insurable maximum prices that have mainly affected the different varieties of nectarine and flat peach harvest prior to the 10th of June, to harvesting nectarines between the 11th of June and the 10th of July and flat peach harvesting after the 10th of June. In all these cases, the maximum insurable price has a reduction of 0.05 cents compared to the last campaign.

Also worthy of note is the improvement to the yield limitations that was implanted in the last campaign in the seed species (apple and pear) and that Agroseguro has gone on to apply them at a variety level instead of a varietal group, which is a substantial improvement when it comes to verifying the average yields obtained during the latest years with the expectations of production.

On the other hand, applying these yield limitations has increased the hiring of supplementary insurance due to the risk of hail on which, new this year, bonuses and surcharges will also be applied.

Regarding the last campaign, Agroseguro made the payment in compensation of 12.5 million in the fruit sector in the 4,000 hectares affected.

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