This technical conference is a benchmark in the sector producing crops for extensive farming in Catalonia.

Over two hundred farmers and technicians have participated in the 17th edition of the conference focused on arable farming.

In this edition, different topics have been addressed as regards the irrigation behaviour of new varieties of wheat, barley, pea and rapeseed, as well as the use and results of the application of different fungicides in vegetation and in the seeds of wheat and barley. Special emphasis has also been placed on the advantages of the use of certified seeds.

The participants have received technical information through the different speakers who have occupied various testing stations and have been able to show in situ the evolution and results of the different techniques applied. On behalf of ActelGrup, explanations were given by Maria Manresa, responsible for phytosanitary products and seeds, and Carlos Faro, director of agricultural production.

The aim of the conference is the transfer of technical information which might be useful for better management in extensive farming.

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