The 2019 Generational Relief Training Plan includes training with university qualification, a format that was already carried out last year, within the framework of the agreement signed with the University of Lleida.

On January 9 the first of these formations began. In particular, it is a prune course in fruit trees and sowing in extensive crops and which also includes subjects in the economic field; interpretation of a balance sheet and income statement, production costs and profitability per hectare, analysis of agricultural investment, hiring advice and social security and prevention of occupational hazards.

The participants of this course are the young farmers who last year were part of the first training and who obtained the corresponding university certificate.

At the end of this second training, students will receive a university recognition as specialists in the aforementioned subjects.

On the other hand, on January 10th, the 2nd edition of the University Specialization course in the Management of an Agrarian company in the cooperative world began. Members of the cooperatives of Albesa, Alcoletge, Alguaire, Almacelles, Bellcaire, Bellvís, Corbins, Gimenells, Ivars d'Urgell, Linyola, Puigverd and Tamarit will receive training in the agronomic, economic and legal fields. This training lasts for 3 months. At the end of the course, students will receive a university certificate of the course.

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