Last March, the award ceremony was held with Carles Florensa, director of the Continuing Education Centre of the University of Lleida, and José Manuel Alonso, deputy director, as well as the president of ActelGrup, Josep Maria Codina, and the general manager, Fernando Chocarro.

During the event, the top representatives of the two entities gave a speech to the members to congratulate them and encourage them to continue their training in future editions.

The Training Plan for the 2019 Generational Renewal of ActelGrup and TransAlfals, includes training with a university qualification, a format that was also used last year, within the framework of the agreement signed with the University of Lleida.

To be more specific, a Specialist/Expert University course on pruning fruit trees and sowing extensive crops, including subjects in economics, and the 2nd edition of the University Specialisation course on the Management of an Agricultural Company in the world of cooperatives with subjects in agronomy, economics and law.

The co-operative group's Strategic Plan includes programming new training proposals in the university environment for members, with the aim of offering personalised, quality training.


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