Actel Card

What is the Actel card?

The ActelGrup card is a personal and non-transferable item that offers the possibility of obtaining discounts and exclusive promotions for:

  • Member of the cooperatives that are part of ActelGrup
  • Any worker of a cooperative that is part of ActelGrup
  • The entire ActelGrup workforce
  • Spouse of a member, worker of a cooperative and worker of ActelGrup


Here are the advantages offered by the Actel Card

Leisure and shopping

Minimum 10% discount in more than 60,000 hotels.
10% discount on the payment method of your choice in any of the 90 hotels by entering the
code COLECTIVOSRL on the website
10% discount and special discounts

Castells de Lleida
2×1 on guided visits to the castles of Lleida (Montsonís, Montclar, Florejacs,
Vicfred and Les Sitges)

10% discount on all products

10% discount


Dental hygiene + check-up + fluoride + travel toothbrush = 20€

Free services:

1st visit and quotation/ Implantology study /Orthodontic study (not including X-rays) /Suturing and removal of bridges /Periapical X-ray

10% discount:

Orthodontics / Implants / General dentistry/ Sealing / Extraction / Endodontics

Reconstruction /Aesthetic dentistry / Periodontics / Bleaching / Fluoridation

Natural Optics
20% discount in opticians Free complete eye check-up*

Natural Audio
Free hearing check-up
No-commitment hearing aid test
Hearing study with OTOSCAN to customise hearing aids and make them the smallest, most invisible and aesthetically pleasing on the market.
Hearing aids from €690
Continuous Replacement Plan: 50% discount on the replacement of hearing aids


50% discount on tuition fees
15% discount on monthly fees



20% discount on tyres of all brands

15% discount on maintenance

10% discount on labour.


10% discount on the fee
(not cumulative with other discounts).
ActelGrup card application form for members, cooperative workers and ActelGrup workers

    ActelGrup card application form for members, cooperative workers and ActelGrup workers
    If you want your spouse to benefit from the Actel card, fill out the form