atec: Agrotechnical Area

At your side

Comprehensive technical advising

The atec: Agrotechnical Area is a cross-cutting area within ActelGrup whose purpose is to offer comprehensive service to the affiliate/producer of our cereal and fruit cooperatives.

atec: is the sum of


for actel

for agronomists

for advisers

for area

for accompaniment


for technicians

for innovation

for service

for professionalism


for commitment

for team

for proximity

for attention

Our services

We offer agrarian advising for both fruit and extensive crops:

Attention to cooperatives and producers

Periodic presence of the technician in the zone for meetings and gatherings with producers.

Technical and economic advising for producers

Tracking the main pests, diseases and weeds to facilitate their subsequent control in an efficient, sustainable and financially profitable manner. Support in the selection of varieties depending on the time of year and commercial interest. Guidelines on sowing, field tasks, planting, thinning and trimming.

Field visits / prospecting

Periodic vigilance of diseases, pests and weeds. Control plans. Prescription of phytosanitary treatments. Tracking the phenological and nutritional state of crops.

Fertilisation and irrigation programme design

Individualised fertiliser and water management plans throughout the cycle.

Presentation of gazettes

Monthly submission and explanation of phytosanitary and productive strategies with subsequent resolution of doubts and comments.

Field logs

Writing and revision of the field log by a qualified technician. Resolving any type of doubt or clarification.

Preparation for inspections and certifications

Qualified support in document preparation or audit requirements.

Seed selection, production and sale

Guidance on crop rotation according to the characteristics of the plot and the best option between winter cereal, corn, alfalfa, etc. A competitive advantage exists as Actel is a certified cereal seed producer.

Instructional and informational talks

Training in systems of planting, trimming, sowing, reducing production costs, audits, new diseases and pests, changes in the phytosanitary record, waste, technology, presentation of field assay results, etc.

Harvest tracking

Waste sampling, calibre tracking, control of ripening parameters: tests of firmness, starch, humidity, specific weight, etc. to determine the optimal time to harvest according to the variety and purpose.

Contact point between the different areas of ActelGrup

Link between the farmer and any other Actel service the producer requires.




farmtech area lead



farm strategy coordinator



fruit farmtech consultant



fruit farmtech consultant


Juan Blas

fruit farmtech consultant



fruit farmtech consultant


Francesc Vila d’Abadal

fruit farmtech consultant



fruit farmtech consultant


Mª Josep

extensive crop farmtech consultant



fruit farmtech consultant



assistant farmtech consultant

  • Laia Villar: farmtech area lead
  • Xavier Orteu: farm strategy coordinator
  • Jessica Parés: farmtech documentation lead
  • Antonieta Botargues: fruit farmtech consultant
  • Pere Cabiscol: fruit farmtech consultant
  • Juan Blas Duran: fruit farmtech consultant
  • Hèctor Castan: fruit farmtech consultant
  • Francesc Vila d’Abadal: fruit farmtech consultant
  • Elena Martín: fruit farmtech consultant
  • Marisol Torres: fruit farmtech consultant
  • Íñigo Cavero: fruit farmtech consultant
  • Mª Josep Ballarín: extensive crop farmtech consultant
  • Ayub Houzi: assistant farmtech consultant
  • Míriam Sabaté: farmtech documentation assistant

Our vision?

To be leaders in the food production sector, pursuing the creation of profitable, market-driven farms to build a sustainable future for our producers.

Our values?

Efficiency, proactiveness, communication, innovation and commitment.

Our responsability?

To meet the strategic area targets defined in the Aspira24 Strategic Plan; to ensure the proper functioning, welfare and needs of the entire team, that ActelGrup passes all the audits to obtain the certifications which accredit us (Global Gap, Integrated Production and GRASP), that production (fruit and extensive crops) arrives in the best commercial conditions in terms of both quantity and quality, and that product traceability adheres to our internal standards; to look after our affiliates’ finances in terms of production costs and, above all, to convey trust and transparency from the entire Actel Grup.