Sustainable practices

Committed to responsible and sustainable practices

At ActelGrup, corporate social responsibility, in accordance with our social principles, forms part of our management model.

For this reason, we incorporate responsible and sustainable practices into our daily business operations, fostering an ethical and law-abiding culture aligned with the five axes of sustainable development.

We work to shine a spotlight on the primary sector, with a firm commitment to the farmers’ work, because they are the ones responsible for providing society with food. Healthy and quality food is the result of a job well done.

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Cooperatives and members

The rural community is indispensable for keeping us fed, which is why we strive to cover the needs of our cooperatives and their members, as they –along with the workers– are the principal figures of our organisation. We work to establish a form of two-way communication in which informational transparency, participatory decision-making, and quality services and training, among other factors, prevail.


We strive to ensure an adequate and safe working environment, facilitating the necessary training, equal opportunities and empowerment. The climate survey we conduct every year allows us to detect points of improvement and work to implement them.


We contribute to social actions and projects to improve people’s quality of life. The Red Cross, Food Bank, and Aspros, among others, are nonprofit organisations we collaborate with.


Respect for the environment and the conservation of natural resources form part of our philosophy. We orient our activity and business goals in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).