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Marketing and distribution

We are the purchasing center for phytosanitary products, fertilizers, fuel, seeds and services. We work to reduce production costs.

We are distributors and marketers of the main brands of phytosanitary products, fertilizers, fuels, lubricants, spare parts and pellets, always complying with the strictest parameters of quality, service and good prices.


Winter cereal, rainfed and irrigated



Fruit trees



Raw materials

We are authorised cereal seed multipliers of:









Various forage crops

Seed packaging formats: 40 kg sack, 1,000 kg big bag and 1,600 kg pallet.

A certified seed is the only kind which guarantees:

  • Varietal purity
  • Specific purity
  • Germinating power
  • Seed health
  • Traceability
  • The weight listed on the label
  • Adequate treatment
  • Freedom from weeds
  • Proper conservation
The line of products and solutions we offer at ActelGrup is:
    • Soil and leaf insecticides
    • Herbicides for all crops
    • Fungicides for all crops
    • Phytoregulators and correctors
    • Pest tracking and control pheromones
    • Zero-waste products suitable for organic agriculture

At ActelGrup, we collaborate in the development and launch of innovative products for all crops, before they are released to the sales market, to gain access to all the information on the products and their technical features.

We work for our farmers’ crops, to obtain the best yields and qualities.

We sell diesel and gasoline, always complying with the strictest parameters of quality, service and good price.

The quality and supply guarantee of our product lies with the source of the material used to manufacture it. Enerbío wood pellets come from the clean sawdust produced by sawmill operation. The wood used is sourced from sustainably managed forests, with PEFC certification.

Our wood pellets’ physiochemical properties are certified by the maximum European distinction in accordance with standard EN-14961-2, seal ENplus A1 and DinPlus.

Diameter6 mm
Length1-3 cm
PCI > 5,2 KW/kg
Humidity 5,4%
Ashes 0,5%
Bulk density 700 kg/m3
Durability > 99%
Dust content < 0,1%
Sulphur content < 0,04%
Chlorine content < 0,05%
N content < 0,3%

We sell fuels, lubricants and pellets, always complying with the strictest parameters of quality, service and good price.

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