Mission, vision and values

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We are a team of people creating a social business project in the realm of agriculture and food. We strive to optimise our members’ profitability, promote the professional development of our workers, offer clients the best service and ensure the sustainability and improvement of the territory.


Our ambition is to lead the food production sector as a solid, innovative, socially responsible and environmentally friendly cooperative business group, the project which represents the producer's best option.


Transparency, rigour, austerity and two-way communication with our members and clients
are our values and commitments for establishing a close and connected relationship.


We want to be known for our transparent and honest behaviour, deserving of our members’, collaborators’, clients’ and workers’ trust.


We work in an exemplary way and are dedicated to serving our members, workers, suppliers, stakeholders and clients, developing our teams’ capacity to seek efficient and innovative solutions.


We are aware that resources are a valuable and, in many cases, limited asset. It is necessary to show prudence in behaviours and/or attitudes which are not commensurate in the management of natural, personal, material and/or economic resources.

Two-way communication

Our affiliated producers form an active part of our business project. Two-way communication is a vehicle for constant feedback, reinforcing our link and generating beneficial results for both producers and the organisation alike.

Commitment to people, results, society and the environment, responsibility, efficiency and cooperation is woven into our DNA