ActelGrup’s strategic plan

Aspira24 is the name of the strategic plan set to define the growth of ActelGrup over the next 3 years.
The plan revolves around 5 strategic focal points:
The capture of productions of interest and investment in R&D&I and in efficiency .
The diversification of clients that allows the strengthening of the brand and the promotion of sales to the partners themselves.
Improving the competitiveness of grassroots cooperatives and the ability to facilitate generational change, through improving processes, the use of new technologies, digitization and sustainability.
The improvement of processes, new technologies, sustainability, strict compliance with regulations and gaining agility in management and coordination.
The empowerment and reinforcement of teamwork and the transversality of the organization.

A plan which, in terms of revenues, will lead the Grup to reach the figure of 275 million euros in 2024. Moreover, the actions foreseen in the plan will make it possible to strengthen the relationship with the foundational cooperatives and producers, also reinforcing our cooperative’s brand and key values: innovation and focus on results.

One fact to point out is the process of designing the plan itself, the fruit of a participatory process of a hundred or so workers from the Grup’s various business areas who, along with the management team and Steering Committee, have worked to define the strategic framework and the more-than- 96 projects to be progressively completed in the next 3 years.

Currently, we are immersed in the execution phase of the strategic plan. The teams who comprise the different projects are already actively working on the various actions and foreseen benchmarks to achieve the goals proposed. All projects in the strategic plan are periodically monitored with a high level of commitment from the workers of ActelGrup.

Aspira24 is a living roadmap and is periodically revised and adapted, if necessary, to the constant changes in our ever-more-competitive environment.