From the origin to today



1980-constitucio agrupaci

Constituent Assembly of L’Agrupació

On 12 December 1980, the Constituent Assembly of the new Association of Cooperatives of Terres de Lleida, today’s ActelGrup, takes place, and a Board is appointed.


1981-1r consejo rector

First Steering Committee

The first Steering Committee is appointed by the Extraordinary General Assembly, held on 6 March 1981 and presided by Pere Boldú. At the end of this first financial year, L’Agrupació unites 107 cooperatives (all in the Supplies section, 49 in the Cereals section and 27 in the Fruit section).


1982-constitucio federaci

Precursors to the Federation of Catalan Cooperatives

Following principles such as the preference for commercial partnership between cooperatives for both supply and distribution, exploiting the benefits of inclusion and a commitment to serving members’ needs, L’Agrupació participates in the constitution of the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives and three of its members are elected to the first Board.



First cereals APA

The Cereals section constitutes the APA (Agricultural Producers’ Association). It is a pioneering experience in concentrating cereal offer.


1987-creacio central

Creation of Central, an insurance agency for the cooperative world

The most important news in the year 1987 is the creation of Central d’Assegurances, an insurance agency for the consultancy, hiring and guaranteeing of insurance policies in the cooperative world.


1988 – La Agrupació, primer exportador (1)

L’Agrupació, first sweet fruit exporter

L’Agrupació, with the brands Actel, Newton and Capfrut, is established as the first sweet fruit exporter. In the same year, the fruit sales network is expanded to Portugal, Italy and Germany and the sale of fruit to European countries for processing is begun.



From L’Agrupació to ACTEL

L’Agrupació becomes the commercial brand ACTEL (Association of Cooperatives of Terres de Lleida).



Creation of Transalfals

L’Agrupació promotes and participates financially in the creation of Transalfals, a second-tier cooperative for the manufacture of forages.



ECU, a shared sales strategy in a difficult market

After three very hard fruit seasons, the need to pursue a common sales strategy is clear. This realisation serves as the seed for the shared marking team (ECU) project. The aim is to create an inclusive, charitable and equitable organisation of fruit producing cooperatives.


1993 - Certificación CCPAE en aceite

CCPAE certification in oil

The Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production (CCPAE) is the control authority in Catalonia and its purpose is to audit and certify organic Catalan agricultural and food products.



New main office and consolidation of the ACTEL brand

ACTEL acquires some of its facilities from La Pràctica Agricultural Cooperative and moves its company headquarters to Vall d’Aran road, thereby beginning to occupy offices of its own. The company’s first main office is located in the Caixa Rural Provincial of Lleida, on Rambla Ferran, and later moved to the annex building. When the office was expanded in 1986, it was moved into a rental space at Mercolleida, where it remained until the move to the current building. In this period of time, the commercial brand ACTEL is established as the company’s new name. A qualityservice is also created to supervise the production, post-harvest and processing of the fruit to ensure that it complies with the characteristics established with the clients.


1996-97 – Actel, nueva OPFH europea (1)

Actel, new European OPFH

During these years, Actel has 29 associated fruit cooperatives marketing together through the Fruit Section programme. Due to the new Common Market Organization (OCM), the Fruit and Vegetable Produces Organization (OPFH) qualification is renewed.


1998-1a pedra centre

Start of the Fruit Logistics Centre project

In 1998, Actel embarks upon its most ambitious project: the Fruit Logistics Centre of Térmens. The land is purchased and construction is begun. This infrastructure will facilitate fruit production and optimise processing.


2000inauguracio centre

Inauguration of the Fruit Logistics Centre

The inauguration of the Fruit Logistics Centre takes place on 4 November 2000 and is presided over by the president of the Government of Catalonia, Jordi Pujol. The new facility has made it possible to increase the sale of manufactured products and revenues.


2000-Premi Intercooperació-7

Cooperation prize

This same year, the President of Actel receives the Prize for Cooperation awarded by the Labour Department of the Government of Catalonia.


ISO 9001-2000 certification

Actel obtains ISO 9001-2000 certification for the Fruit Logistics Centre in Térmens, which, in its third year, incorporates a second work shift.


Captura de pantalla 2022-03-29 a las 17.50.38

ISO 9001-2000 certification

Actel participates in the creation of Fruit Futur (along with IRTA and other companies from the sector), to obtain new apple and pear varieties, in collaboration with Hort Research of New Zealand.



From Actel to Grup Actel

Actel changes its corporate image to enter a new stage and reveal itself as a strong business group rooted in the cooperative world and introduces the GRUP ACTEL concept.


2003 - Certificación Producción Integrada en fruta

Certification of Integrated Production in fruit

It is an agricultural production system for high-quality food and other products which uses natural resources and regulatory mechanisms to prevent harmful contributions to the environment, guaranteeing a sustainable form of agriculture in the long term.


ISO certification at Central

An ISO certificate is a quality guarantee which proves useful for the agency itself and for the clients, as both can rely on the certainty that the standards offered are the highest possible.


2003-visita princep

Visit from Prince Felipe

The Logistics Centre in Térmens is visited by Prince Felipe in June 2003.



2003-premi innovacio tecnologica

Prize for Technological Innovation

Grup Actel becomes the first cooperative in Catalonia and the first company in Lleida to earn the 2003 Catalonia Prize for Technological Innovation, awarded by the Generalitat (government of Catalonia).


Aplicable a aceite y vinagre

BRC certification in fruit

BRC certification ensures that we comply with the requisites which guarantee the safety, quality and legality of our fruit.


2007 - Certificación IFS en fruta

IFS certification in fruit

IFS certification demonstrates that we comply with the requisites of European wholesalers in matters of fruit quality and safety.


2007 - Certificación Global G.A.P en fruta

GLOBALG.A.P. certification in fruit

GLOBALG.A.P. establishes voluntary standards used to certify agricultural products all around the world. The protocol is based on food safety criteria. It contemplates production techniques with the goal of a controlled use of phytosanitary products to minimise the impact of wastes on food, man and his environment.


Allotjament temporers1

Lodging for temporary workers

We build 100 lodging units for temporary workers at the Logistics Centre, subsidised by the European Union.



New business area: Oil

Grup Actel absorbs Agroles, a company which produces and sells extra virgin olive oil, grenache wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and packaged nuts and also makes arbequina and black olive paté, in a range of products from organic to conventional and with some very well-known brands: Germanor and Romanico.


2009-1r Plan Estratégico

ActelGrup’s 1st Strategic Plan

Grup Actel decides to create its first strategic plan. A plan which intends to position the group in the market, consolidate the project while generating value for its members and professionally develop workers in both the central services and first-tier cooperatives.


BRC certification in oil

BRC certification ensures that we comply with the requisites which guarantee the safety, quality and legality of our olive oil and vinegar.


DOP certification Pera de Lleida

Our pears are certified with Protected Designation of Origin Pera de Lleida, as they belong to the three authorised varieties (Llimonera, Blanquilla and Conference) and come from the registered plantations located in the area of production, farmed according to a protocol of good agricultural practices, such as Integrated Production GLOBALG.A.P. or the equivalent. Moreover, the fruits are only handled in the factories and warehouses authorised by the DOP itself.


Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP certification

Our balsamic vinegars of Modena are manufactured respecting the highest quality standards. The IGP (protected geographical indication) guarantees the quality, origin and flavour of our vinegars.


2010 – Signatura convenio Aspros

Signing of the agreement with Aspros

For the first time, an agreement with the Aspros Private Foundation is signed. Aspros is a nonprofit organisation which has been working since 1962 to promote the inclusion and quality of life of people with diverse abilities, mainly intellectual disabilities and mental illness.


2011 - 1a diada soci

First Member’s Day

On 7 May 2011, a day of fellowship for all Grup Actel members, workers and family members is celebrated at the Fruit Logistics Centre. The programme includes activities for children, oil tastings, contests, and guided tours of the facility and ends with a farmer’s stew for all attendants.


2011-Premio al mérito Científico e Investigador (1)

Prize for Scientific and Research Merit

The Lleida City Council presented the plaque for Scientific and Research Merit to Grup Actel for its work performed in Lleida these last 30 years, which has contributed to improving citizens’ quality of life.



New corporate image

ActelGrup’s new symbol represents the sum of the companies that make up the group and evokes a visual reading of the communicative concepts of union, cooperation, dynamism and the letter A for Actel.


GRASP certification in fruit

GRASP (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice) is a voluntary, ready-to-use module designed to assess social practices. Good agricultural practice is not just about products: it’s about people as well.


2013 - 2º Plan Estratégico

ActelGrup’s 2nd Strategic Plan

A strategic plan marked by the organisational changes designed to redraw and establish the group’s new strategy. It stands out for the creation of the departments of agricultural production, industrial production, quality and innovation, administration and finances and expansion.


2013 - qeviris (1)

Inauguration of the cooperative food shop Qêviris

On 26 April, the tape is cut on the shop of cooperative foods, Qêviris.


2014 - Nuevas inversiones logísticas en el Centro Logístico de Térmens

New logistical investments in the Logistics Centre of Térmens

To make the installations more competitive and achieve more logistical quality, numerous actions are taken at the Centre, with the expansion of the packaging warehouse, the acquisition of a new calibration machine, new mesh net packing machines, new refrigeration chambers in reception and the adaptation of parking for workers.


2014 - funde

FUNDE prize for equal opportunities in the professional sphere and work-life balance

FUNDE is the Association of Entrepreneurs, Directors and Professionals which awarded this year’s prize in the category of equal opportunities in the professional sphere and work-life balance to ActelGrup.


2016 - El aceite Romanico Esencia Premium ganador

The oil Romanico Esencia Premium, winner of the silver medal at the Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition

The arbequina variety extra virgin olive oil Agroles wins the silver medal in Japan’s most important extra virgin olive oil competition organised by the sommeliers association OSAJ of Japan.


2017 – Premio Empresa Solidaria 2017 (1)

2017 Charitable Company Prize from the Lleida City Council

ActelGrup earns this distinction due to the agreement it has kept since 2002 with the Aspros Foundation, a leading organisation in the promotion of awareness-raising actions on psychological disabilities which runs programmes designed to further the social and professional inclusion of people with disabilities.


2017 – Premio CoopCat

CoopCat Prize

This award, granted by the Confederation of Cooperatives of Catalonia and accepted by the president of ActelGrup, has been made public in a ceremony led by the vice president of the Government, Oriol Junqueras. In the 1st edition, the jury has recognised ActelGrup for its projects on cooperation and internationalisation and for its contribution to Catalan society, to the cooperative movement and for knowing how to transfer cooperative values.


2017 – 30 aniversario Central

30th anniversary of Central

The Seu Vella of Lleida hosted the ceremony to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Central d’Assegurances, whose 100 or so attendants included representatives of cooperative companies and other organisations of the agricultural industry sector, and also the main insurance companies.


2017 – 3r Plan Estratégico

ActelGrup’s 3rd Strategic Plan

The 2017-2019 Strategic Plan is the result of a year of analysis and reflection, with a more rigorous, more professional and more transparent cooperative business approach to accomplish the primary goal of improving the members’ revenues.


2018 – Signatura convenio ActelGrup – UdL

Signing of the ActelGrup – UdL agreement for youth instruction

The president of ActelGrup and the rector of the UdL sign a four-year cooperative agreement for the execution of instructional activities for members.


2018-1ª promoción curso jóvenes (1)

1st graduating class from the course for young people with university degrees in Specialisation in Agricultural Business Management

On 12 March, diplomas are issued to the students who have successfully completed the course in Agricultural Business Management in the Cooperative World organised by ActelGrup and the University of Lleida. The programme has been imparted by professors from the University of Lleida and Navarra and expert researchers from IRTA have also participated.


2019 - Certificación IFS en aceite

IFS certification in oil

IFS certification demonstrates that we comply with the requisites of European wholesalers when it comes to the quality and safety of oil and vinegar.


2019 – Signatura convenio colaboración con Cruz Roja (1)

Signing of the collaboration with Red Cross

In the framework of corporate social responsibility, a series of actions have been initiated to fulfil our commitment to the ethical and social sphere.


2019-Premio a la excelencia empresarial por nuestro compromiso con la calidad otorgado por elEconomista.es

Prize for business excellence for our commitment to quality awarded by elEconomista.es

On 30 October in the auditorium of Foment del Treball in Barcelona, the ceremony for the 1st El Economista Prizes for Business Excellence was held, at which ActelGrup was awarded the Prize for Business Excellence for Commitment to Quality.


2020-Premio Empresa Solidaria 2020

2020 Charitable Company Prize from the Lleida City Council

Coinciding with the World Day of Social Justice, the Lleida City council recognises ActelGrup for its implication with society.



New corporate image

This new image corresponds to the cooperative group’s intention to transmit the values of proximity and connection to its members and clients, the solidity and sustainability of the group, and leadership based on the people who work every day to position ActelGrup as a leader in its areas of business.



4th Strategic Plan Aspira24

Aspira24 is the name of the strategic plan which, in terms of revenues, will lead the Grup to reach the figure of 275 million euros in 2024. Moreover, the actions foreseen will make it possible to strengthen the relationship with the foundational cooperatives and producers, also reinforcing our cooperative’s brand and key values: innovation and focus on results.



atec:, new model of technical service

atec: is the brand which defines the new way of doing things on an organisational level. It is a cross-cutting area within ActelGrup whose purpose is to offer full service to the affiliate/producer of our cereal and fruit cooperatives.


2021-Certificación GMP+ en alfalfa

GMP+ certification in alfalfa

GMP+ certification demonstrates that we comply with all the requirements and conditions to guarantee the safety of animal feed. GMP+ is an internationally recognised programme for managing animal feed safety.


Kosher certification in oil

Kosher certification guarantees consumers that the manufacturing of the products and ingredients it contains comply with kosher food policy and, in addition, is an indicator that the product complies with the strictest standards of cleaning, purity and quality.



AgroActiva’t training programme

AgroActiva’t is the name we have given to the annual training programme geared solely toward our members.



Exclusive app for members

An application is launched to give members access to all the information on their farm operations and insurance plans, as well as on the rest of Actel’s products, in real time and just a click away.